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Can you be better after almost going bankrupt? Jacqueline Conoir Fashion

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This is the story of Rozemerie Cuevas, founder and designer of Jacqueline Conoir fashion. She shares her story how she started 25 years ago on a memorable night at "Richards on Richards". Hear how her business got started and where she is now.

What is bootstrapping? | MaRS

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“Working with the media” – Tamara Taggart, CTV’s news anchor shares the story

Is what your sharing newsworthy? Tamara Taggart, CTV's news anchor shares what you need to think about in order to work with the media. Remember as Tamara mentions they are not in the business to simply promote you...

“Find the community that shares your language” – Sexy & Wealthy in Heels – Vancouver Launch Soiree

Entrepreneurs… the journey does not have to be a lonely one. There are numerous communities such as Sexy and Wealthy in Heels where entrepreneurs can come together. It is important to find the community that speaks...

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