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Can you be better after almost going bankrupt? Jacqueline Conoir Fashion

This is the story of Rozemerie Cuevas, founder and designer of Jacqueline Conoir fashion. She shares her story how she started 25 years ago on a memorable night at "Richards on Richards". Hear how her business got started and where she is now.

What is bootstrapping? | MaRS

from MaRS Discovery

Roots – Manufacturing in Canada

ORIGINAL: By Amanda Lang and CBC National. Found on Vancouver Is Awesome. Jump to:How Roots startedWhy two guys from the US came to CanadaManufacturing in CanadaPricing & customersBiggest mistakesFuture & V...

“What makes up a strategy” Olivier Vincent – Founder and former CEO Canpages on Strategy

Intuition + asking the right questions + dreaming = Good Strategy! Olivier Vincent, Founder and former CEO of Canpages explains the mix needed in order to formulate and develop a good strategy. He mentions the import...

FWE Gala – a magical night!

Proud to be an event partner with Forum of Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. Life & Times produced this video to show how magical it gets when you put 450 women in the same ballroom. Trul...